Saturday, 20 April 2019 10:37

Regional Training for Competent Authorities in Central Asia

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CARICC hosted a regional training on "Use of Advanced Passenger Information Acquisition (API) and Passenger Check-in Records (PNR) and Biometric Data to Increase Border Security and Counter Foreign Terrorist Fighters" from 16th to 18th April this year.
The training was organized by UNODC as part of a project aimed at assisting in strengthening the capacity of States to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017) and strengthening cooperation against cross-border and international terrorism in Central Asia, South Asia and North Africa.
The training brought together more than 50 participants, including 32 representatives of the competent authorities of the Central Asian countries, as well as 10 international experts, who discussed the challenges associated with the cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters, as well as strategies and measures that can be developed by states to strengthen border security and management.
The training included expert presentations and practical activities, case studies on the use of databases, watch lists and an interactive session on the identification of foreign terrorist-fighters.
Participants expressed interest in the implementation of API/PNR systems, the use of national, regional and international databases, the enhancement of cross-border cooperation and the exchange of data and information, as well as continued cooperation with UNODC to prevent transnational organized crime and terrorism.



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