CARICC Services

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Coordination of multilateral international operations, including controlled deliveries

Establishment of mechanisms of cooperation between competent authorities on the regional and international level.

Introducing secure information exchange channels.
Agreeing on multilateral international operations, including controlled deliveries.

Establishment in CARICC working groups support joint investigations or to coordinate multilateral international operations, including controlled deliveries.

Assistance in planning and coordination of multilateral international operations.

Ensuring real-time information exchange between the agencies and countries in the course of operations.

When and if needed development of dedicated information recourses/Work Files (WF) on ongoing operations.

Providing analytical support for joint operations through intelligence analysis on the basis of data received.

Overall assessment of the outcomes of special joint investigation or multilateral international operations.

Producing recommendations based on the outcomes of the investigations or multilateral international operations.

Organisation and holding of workshops on development and further overall assessment of the outcomes of investigations or multilateral international operations.

Collections, storage, protection, analysis and exchange of information in the field of combating illicit drug trafficking

Maintaining CARICC Database.

Introducing standard information exchange format and systems.

Collection of information regarding drug trafficking and drug related crime to be used by competent agencies of CARICC member-state.

Development of strategic and operational Work Files on specific issues or special investigations on request of CARICC member-states competent authorities.

Protection of information in accordance with the provisions of national legislation of CARICC member-states and Agreement on exchange and protection of information.

Informing competent authorities of CARICC member-states on information that relates to them and links detected between criminal activities.

Producing and distribution of notices on offenders wanted for involvement in drug related crimes.

Providing expert and methodological support to the competent agencies of CARICC member-states

Providing assistance to the competent authorities of the Parties, as well as other states whose territory is used for illicit production and trafficking of narcotic drugs, in the implementation of anti-drug programmes if so requested.

Holding conferences, training and seminars pertaining to the improvement of methods to combat illicit drug trafficking and strengthening international cooperation in this field.

Organisation and undertaking of field exercises, including “controlled deliveries”.

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