Saturday, 16 September 2023 17:51

CSTO sub-regional counternarcotics operation "Channel Interception"

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Sub-regional counternarcotics operation "Channel Interception" was carried out from 11 to 15 September on the territory of CSTO Member States. International Coordination Office to run the operation was stationed in Almaty at CARICC premises.

The operation was aimed at interdicting distribution channels for narcotics, their precursors and analogues, new psychoactive and potent substances, neutralizing international transnational drug groups, and dismantling clandestine drug production and disrupting economic foundations of drug business, including legalization of drug profits.

Coordinated actions during the operation resulted in the seizure of more than 897 kg of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, including 61.5 kg of mephedrone, 2.8 kg of MDMA, 12.2 kg of α-PVP, 237 kg of marijuana, 301 kg of hashish, 2.5 kg of heroin, more than 1 kg of potent substances and more than 34 kg of precursors on the territory of CSTO Member States. 48 firearms and about 2 773 rounds of ammunition of various caliber were confiscated. 854 drug crimes were detected, 4 illegal drug laboratories were dismantled. Law enforcement officers and security services detained 399 persons for committing crimes related to drug trafficking, including 44 wanted persons. 444 Internet websites disseminating prohibited drug-related information were identified.

The International Coordination Office convened two round tables on countering synthetic drugs and laundering criminal drug proceeds. Best practices in this area were also shared.

Representatives of China, Iran, UNODC and CARICC also participated in the International Coordination Office as observers.

Moreover, the III International Specialized Training of Canine Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan was conducted as part of the operation "Channel Interception".

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