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About the meeting at the DCSA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy

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In accordance with the invitation of the Italian side, on January 12, 2023, a meeting of the CARICC delegation headed by Director Atageldy Yazlyev with the delegation of the Central Directorate for Combating Drugs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy headed by Director Antonio Maggiore took place in Rome.

During the meeting, delegations discussed current and future issues of cooperation in the fight against illicit drug trafficking, including through the organization of international operations using the controlled drug delivery method.

The parties exchanged views on the possibility of organizing joint anti-drug operations, exchanging information on the drug situation and experience in the field of combating drug trafficking and information and analytical direction.

The director of the DCSA of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, A.Maggiore, presented information on the structure, functions and tasks of the Italian police. He reported on the implemented joint operations and expressed hope for the intensification of cooperation with the countries of the Central Asian region.

Further, on January 13, a meeting was held with the heads of the structural divisions of the CUBN, during which issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed.

The DCSA experts provided information on the Italian legislation in the field of investigative activities in the framework of organizing international anti-drug operations using the controlled delivery method.

The analysts highlighted information on the development of the drug situation in Italy and some indicators in the field of combating drug trafficking in this country.

Italian specialists informed about the trainings, including for foreign partners in online and offline formats. A presentation was made on the activities of the department at the CUBN DrugOnline to prevent the spread of drugs using the Internet.

At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached on building up cooperation between CARICC and the CUBN of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy in the above areas of joint activities.

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