CARICC staff conducted a training course on practical application of specialized software “i2 iBase” and “i2 Analyst Notebook”

In the period from September 24 to September 28, 2018, at the initiative of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, staff of the Information and Analytical Division of CARICC conducted the first stage of training for employees of the National Bureau of Anti-Corruption of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to acquire skills and practical application of specialized softwares “i2 iBase” and “i2 Analyst Notebook”.
The training course was organized at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the US Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During the training, CARICC staff provided information on data collation in the MS Excel spreadsheet editor and tools for processing and inputting data to database and preparing data matrices. Knowledge on the use of individual functions of specialized software “i2”, in particular, applications “iBase Designer” to create database objects and object connections, “iBase User” to input information objects into the database were also presented.
The main focus of the training was on the analysis of telephone conversations. In this area, trainings on “subscriber-subscriber”, “subscriber-base station” and “subscriber-IMEI code” connections were conducted.
At the end of theoretical lectures, representatives of CARICC conducted practical exercises with target group.


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